Native Blend


Native Blend


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Native Blend

INGREDIENTS: Peat moss, coco coir, pumice, perlite, worm castings, lava rock, soy meal, feather meal, fish bone meal, kelp meal, gypsum, dolomite lime, azomite, humic shale ore.


  • Peat moss provides tilth and water holding capacity to the soil.

  • Perlite and pumice provide porosity and aid in aeration and drainage in the soil.

  • Worm castings are nature's organic fertilizer and also builds soil biology and micronutrients. Producing our own worm castings gives us the ability to control the quality meeting our high standards. We feed our worms a balanced diet similar to what a worm would be eating in nature giving our mixes exactly what nature intended.

  • Soy meal and feather meal supply nitrogen in a protein form, helps promote decomposition in soil, and helps the soil form colloids.

  • Fish bone meal is made from ground fish bones providing an excellent source of nutrients.

  • Kelp meal is an organic fertilizer made from dried ocean seaweed. Full of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

  • Gypsum helps with buffering the soil and helps with pH.

  • Dolomite lime helps with pH of the soil and adds calcium as a nutrient.

  • Azomite contains 67 trace micronutrients and contains essential minerals needed by plants.

  • Humic shale ore contains humic acids that are a group of compounds created by the degradation of organic matter and are a portion of nature's biological acid fractions.

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